How long has IDS been in business?

IDS was established in 1976

Do IDS have all required licenses and are we insured?

IDS hold all applicable licences and are fully insured

Will IDS give you a list of references from current and past clients whom you may contact?

Yes please talk to us, we can arrange site visits so you can see the projects.

Has IDS worked in the area before? Are IDS familiar with local building codes?

IDS have worked all over the UK and Ireland we are familiar with local building requirements

Are IDS able to meet our deadline?

Lets discuss the time schedule that you have. Damien will go through this with you and we can work within your schedule.

How many projects, other than ours, will IDS be working on?

IDS have a dedicated team of people who will be working on your project. IDS will allocated appropriate resources to complete your project on time without undue delay.

Will IDS be using subcontractors and, if so, are the subcontractors insured?

IDS have a dedicated team of installers and should we need to engage a local subcontractor we will insure they will comply with all insurance and heath and safety regulations.

Has IDS previously built projects of a style similar to our project?

IDS have designed, constructed and installed an extensive range of projects and are happy to discuss previous projects. It is unlikely that you will have requirements that we have not already managed before.

Do IDS have enough staff to handle your project?

We have a dedicated team at each stage of the project and you will have a dedicated hands on project manager who will manage the process. Resources will be provided on schedule.

How do IDS establish fees?

IDS will consult, plan, and design your solution. We will then itemise each element of the installation process  so that there are no surprises.

How do IDS handle costs above their estimate that arise during the project?

This is rare but it does happen and we will communicate this with you at all stages of the installation. We will preapprove all purchases prior to billing, again no surprises.

How detailed and clear are IDS contracts?

We can furnish you with an example of a contract.

What is the IDS warranty?

IDS products carry a 12 month Warranty. Some products that are supplied will carry their own warranty.

Will IDS advise me on animal welfare issues associated with my project?

IDS comply with all legal requirements for animal welfare and will advise you on appropriate compliance measures