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Complete Pig House ventilation systems

IDS’ ventilation systems are designed to ensure an optimum pig house climate. As the stocking density in modern houses is high, the ventilation system has to be very efficient.

Ventilation has the following objectives:

  • To keep the house air temperature and air humidity at the ideal level for the animals in question by removing excess moisture and heat production from the house.
  • To ensure that air is exchanged in the house so that fresh air is always supplied to the animals without causing draught nuisances.
  • To ensure a distribution of air in the house so that animals all over the house are ventilated uniformly.
  • To prevent the animals from suffering any harm in case of a power failure or other failures.
  • To create proper conditions for the animals in accordance with the modern consumer’s requirements.
  • To ensure optimum production results.

IDS offers a range of different ventilation systems developed on the basis of the above principles.

IDS offers complete systems with mutually optimised components. Each of the systems has been optimised considering the climatic conditions, geographical and cultural variations in building styles as well as which type of animal is to benefit from the ventilation.

NEW Alarm system for pig production


IDS specialises in climate control and monitoring of animal production. IDS’ specialty is development, production and marketing of ventilation, house air cleaning and production control systems.

IDS ventilation systems provide poultry and pigs with a healthy house climate and optimum conditions for well-being and growth.

IDS has found the solution of how to effectively clean the outgoing air, emitted from livestock houses, of ammonia, odour and dust.

IDS systems and components have been providing the pigs an optimal climate so they can thrive and show the best possible productivity.