Breeding Piglets in IDS Housing Units

Breeding Piglets in IDS Housing Units

All you need to know about breeding piglets in IDS Housing Units

Breeding piglets is not as simple as successfully farrowing and then getting the sow and piglets on track. There are so many issues and simple matters can easily get in the way of success. Difficulties keeping conditions as sterile or tidy as possible can cause a host of issues. An inability to keep sows separate and comfortable can lead to problems. An unfavourable environment can lead to an amazing number of surprising developments. Tail chewing, poor health, and so many other problems can arise as you begin breeding piglets at the professional or small farm level. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions, and one of them is the use of IDS housing units.

Before you argue that housing is not such a key issue, keep in mind that “efficient housing makes management easier and helps the farmer to successfully rear 85 % or more of all the live born piglets” (According to NDA) and that pigs always need different environments over the course of their growth.

Whether it is for a hobby or you are a commercial farmer, you must always keep the atmosphere and environment in mind when breeding piglets. Of course, there is also the issue of cost, and no one can afford to spend money and use resources on pigs that will never thrive. This is a good reason to explore the IDS housing units, designed to offer optimal comfort, ventilation, control and ensure pigs are mentally stimulated and safe from harm due to disease and illness, they are also the perfect environment when preparing sows for breeding.


Sow Management and Housing for Piglets

By now, all pig farmers know that a good environment leads to healthier pigs, but nowhere is this truer than with piglets and sows. Being able to offer a sterile environment and separate rooms for the sows guarantees optimal controls. Most experienced farmers know the challenges associated with farrowing and weaning. They understand that space becomes an issue, and yet the highest outcomes result from having optimal controls over housing conditions, cleanliness and more.

If you want a nursery environment where piglets can thrive, separate farrowing rooms, and individual spaces for breeding sows, it is to housing where you must turn your eye.

IDS housing units from IDS Pigs enable a farmer to consult about their actual and anticipated needs, make plans that address their specific goals or challenges, and then see the design, manufacture and installation of housing that will support success. If you are hoping to take a higher level of control over your pig breeding situation, and you know that housing will be a major part of your success, the IDS housing units can be your bespoke approach to problem solving.

Creating cleaner, safer and easier to manage housing is the first step in more successful breeding. Begin to build a more cost-effective farm that yields healthier pigs and more robust breeding programs. Get in touch to learn more about ideal pig housing choices for enhanced breeding programs.

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