A guide to Choosing Pig Housing

A guide to Choosing Pig Housing

The IDS Guide to Choosing Pig Housing

In this brief guide to choosing pig housing, we are not going to consider the basics that any pig farmer already knows. Rather, we are going to look at some considerations, factors and even the idea of emerging technologies that should all play a role in the decisions made when building or refurbishing pig housing.

It does not matter if a farmer is new to the pig farming world or simply preparing to build upon or expand current operations. When choosing pig housing, many of the same issues apply, and we want to start at one of the more complex matters to be sure you get off on the most solid footing.

What matter are we speaking about? Your market position. After all, rules and regulations relating to commercial meat establishments seem to be changing rapidly and there are always unanticipated changes in the marketplace. When you are considering pig housing, it may not seem as if you can insulate yourself from such matters, but the reality is that you can. Choosing pig housing means leveraging the latest technologies to your advantage and also looking forward to see if there will be any new opportunities that you might be able to take advantage of by an investment in more modernized pig housing.

A guide to choosing pig housing

Just consider that the right decisions can allow you to get your stock to market much faster than ever. It can enable you to use innovative feeding systems or even new food supplies that ensure the health of the herd at any age.

Consider, too, that choosing pig housing can mean taking more control of your time, and that of any workers. After all, modern pig housing can be planned to cut down on your labour and put money in your hands. This is true whether you are opting for pig housing or a hybrid approach with pasturing options, as it enables you to keep firm controls over every aspect of farming, including cleaning, farrowing, and transitioning stock.

Finally, the right pig housing can actually enable healthy stock over their entire lifetime. It can allow pigs to interact, be isolated when needed, experience time in a nursery or fattening area designed for optimal health, and never experience boredom, stress or exposure to everything from harsh weather to parasites.

When choosing pig housing, think of the factors apart from the common sense issues. A good way to get better insight into this is to work with pig housing experts who can consult with you on your choices. IDS Pigs is a firm noted for premium housing and it can create a bespoke solution that integrates all of the points mentioned here. Get in touch to learn more about your ideal pig housing choices.

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