Parturition: Pregnant Sows and Piglets

Parturition: Pregnant Sows and Piglets

A key component of pig breeding is parturition, which is also part of the farrowing process. A skilled pig farmer has a lot to know about this issue, and it can include recognizing the signs of when farrowing is beginning and when a sow is experiencing any sort of problem. Of course, pig breeding also means knowing exactly what to do at any given point, including what to do if things are going wrong in the parturition or farrowing processes. Though your knowledge is a key facet of problem solving, you also have to have the right spaces in which to handle the sows and the right gear to overcome the issues.

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When Pig Breeding Problems Occur

Knowing then a sow is farrowing is one thing, but there are also those times when there are farrowing problems. For example, a lack of piglets being born, mucus or blood at the sow’s vulva, or heavy panting and signs of physical distress are key indicators that there is trouble.

At such moments, a roomy farrowing space is ideal for the sow’s health and wellbeing as much as that of the farmer. The farmer is going to have to investigate the problems, and this means a sterile space, access to warm water and the appropriate compounds to allow for an internal exam.

A sow may fail to deliver for many reasons. The sow may be too fat, overexcited or stressed, suffer from uterine inertia, have a cervical issue, the womb may be rotated, there may be two piglets in the birthing canal, the piglets may be too large, or there may even be dead piglets in the womb. In all instances, it is best if you can do an examination, and spacious farrowing cages offer the safest settings. These are nothing like the illegal EU farrowing cages but are instead roomy enough for the farmer to handle the sow, which is laying on its side.

The treatments are going to vary based on the condition, but a farmer knowledgeable in pig breeding will know whether an injection of oxytocin is needed, udder massage, or other steps are required. The point here is that proper equipment and farrowing areas are often a key to success, safety, hygiene and health. IDS specializes in properly sized housing and farrowing spaces for sows, as well as solutions for pigs at any age. Being properly prepared for problems is as important as being prepared for smoother operations. The experts at IDS are familiar with all scenarios and can ensure a pig farmer has everything needed for successful parturition, farrowing, weaning, fattening and finishing.


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