IDS feeding systems for both liquid feed and dry feed

IDS feeding systems for both liquid feed and dry feed

Those who follow trends in pig farming already know the growing amount of interest in premium housing and feeding systems. They also know how this interest has resulted in pig farm products that help a farm of any size to yield larger groups of animals and more streamlined operations.

Pig nutrition

Pig Feeding Systems

Setting the issue of housing aside, let’s consider those pig farm products that focus specifically on feeding. Though the very best are designed and integrated with easy to maintain and healthier housing, they need to be considered independently from it.

This is due to the simple fact that, no matter what age or life stage, pigs require very specific amounts and kinds of nutrients, and good feeding systems can make managing these different and constantly changing needs much easier. For example, sows require different kinds of feed during different stages of gestation. Piglets, obviously, are the same, and demand different management and feeding strategies. Thus, you will want to put a lot of emphasis on the type of feeding systems in use at your farm.

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The Modern Farm

Today’s pig farmers are wise to learn and use a good array of pig farm products aimed at addressing the changing needs in pig feeding. One of the most common questions about such systems is if they can include both liquid and dry options. The answer, in the simplest terms is “yes”. IDS feeding systems incorporate both liquid and dry options. The equipment integrates with their bespoke housing systems and is meant to support farmers in their goal of fattening pigs fed with liquid feed and dry feed, but doing so with farmer safety, easier management and optimal nutrition for the pigs as central goals.

Experts have written about the ways that optimal pig feeding systems can better support weaning and even “control post weaning stress and loss in daily gain.” Naturally, this is music to the ears of pig farmers who do struggle with this key phase of growth. Even more exciting, though, is that the IDS solutions can allow the most important trends in pig farming to be used – group weaning, separate housing from sows, organized pen systems and higher demands on the actual pig feeding systems to all yield much better results.

When selecting pig farm products, consult with experts who can help you easily reach goals, especially if you are regularly fattening pigs fed with liquid feed and dry feed. IDS is a firm noted for premium feeding systems and housing, and can design bespoke solutions that integrate all of the points mentioned here.

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