Technology and the Modern Pig Farm

Technology and the Modern Pig Farm

Though you may not yet have jumped on the proverbial bandwagon where modern pig farming equipment is concerned, it is never too late to learn about the latest advances in technology in pig keeping. As one expert has said, “The use of technology in agriculture today, has transformed modern farming. Farmers use technology to automate processes and deliver better animal care. These technologies, along with improvements in barn design, provide the best possible environment for housing pigs throughout all stages of their lives.”

This is the ideal starting point where innovative pig farming equipment is concerned – the many stages of a pig’s life. At IDS, we understand that pig keeping does not occur in a single space, and that modern pig farming equipment has to cater to the needs of a pig’s multi-stage life cycle. It also has to accommodate the role that any one pig serves in a pig keeping operation. Sows require unique housing, fattening houses require specific designs and pig farming equipment, and all housing requires a seemingly endless array of gear.

What are the most commonly found advances? Well, the experts in pig keeping will say that you will want to emphasize automation, especially in the following areas:

  1. Ventilation – Automatic systems ensure that temperatures and air quality are ideal, and set to the levels you require for your livestock. They improve health of pigs but also of farmers, and though some use fans, there can also be curtain systems, too.
  2. Feeding and Watering – Based on the individual needs of the pigs, automated food and water systems ensure that pigs enjoy optimal health and well-being and that every animal receives the ideal level of nutrition during any specific point in its life cycle.
  3. Pig Housing Systems – It may not seem that there could be any new advances in the ways that pig housing systems are designed and/or built, but that is not so. Take advances in flooring materials and designs that ensure easier cleaning and healthier settings for pigs.
  4. Comfort Systems – Advances in technology have even created misting systems to regulate temperatures and ensure optimal comfort.

These are but a few of the ways technology have enabled better pig farming. At IDS, we offer bespoke design that optimises your pig farming operations using some of the latest in materials and equipment.