Precision Production Feed Efficiency in Pig Farming Equipment

Precision Production Feed Efficiency in Pig Farming Equipment

Food costs rate as the highest or greatest expense for pig farmers, and most are always looking for any methods or innovations in the most cost effective ways to feed, grow and finish pigs. Many experienced farmers turn to the latest pig farm equipment as a resource, since many of the units are designed to make the most out of careful feeding regimens for pigs.

Yet, it goes beyond pig farm equipment alone. The best practices have to focus on one or more factors. For instance, the ideal composition of the feed paired with the right feeding strategy can make the most out of any herd and yield impressive results. Of course, it may not, and it could be the way that feed is produced and fed that is the right answer. As one report notes, it can be very difficult to understand “the complex interactions between feed intake, pig performance potentials, available feed ingredients, environmental conditions, carcass quality and nutrient requirements”.

Relying on nutrient requirement models has become one answer to this issue, and it is something that might be seen as a work around the search for optimum feeding strategies. After all, if we accept that strategies must vary between different pigs, their health levels, genders, the environments in which they are raised, their available feed ingredients, and so on, we see that a good practice may be derived through the use of pig farm equipment to adhere to simpler feeding regimens. Ones based on time or stage of life, for example, can be installed in select barns or pig housing in order to optimize results.

Currently, the proven techniques follow that model just iterated – using automation to ensure adequate amounts of food to specific groups, eliminate stressors and behaviors cued by inadequate food supplies, and even reduce risks of pathogens or infectious disease spread. Easy to maintain, automated techniques ensure farmer safety, wet and dry troughs easily cleaned and more.

If you are eager to get involved in precision production feed efficiency where your pig farm is concerned, contact IDS Pigs to discuss their many feeding system solutions. Made of stainless steel and design for automation to manual operations, they ensure your pigs get the right nutrition at the ideal stage of life.