Water Efficiency in Intensive Pig Farming

Water Efficiency in Intensive Pig Farming

Whether you are interested in intensive pig farming practices or you just run a very well managed farm, you know that overseeing your resources is an important part of your day to day business. Regardless of how bountiful your farm may be in materials such as forage, water and land, you are always wise to regulate and monitor consumption. It is also applicable to the way you manage your time and space. For instance, a farmer looking to use intensive pig farming is thinking about optimizing space, time and resources while also yielding healthy and productive animals.

The good news for those eager to use a more modified variations of intensive pig farming, in which sows are not kept in restrictive pens but larger areas and given the ability to move about, is that there are great automated techniques and equipment that can support your desire for easier controls and farm management. In other words, you don’t need to count on tighter spaces, limited facilities and other issues to get the same results.

Let’s just use water management as an ideal explanation. Many farmers opt for intensive pig farming because it is a way of keeping tight controls on almost all areas of their farm. However, this approach is falling out of favour, and many pig farming organizations point out that consumers are just as concerned about ethics as they are prices. Thus, farmers need to find solutions that let them make the most of their time, space and energy. One such solution is the use of automated water supplies that help to control any risks for pathogens, ensure sufficient supplies to sows and piglets, and yet does so with the ease of automation.

Integrated into well designed farm buildings for sows, these watering systems eliminate the need for strictly followed protocols around manual watering and feeding methods. Farmers understand that poultry, pork and beef are water heavy industries, and yet wasting such resources is never a viable option. Pigs must be raised in controlled conditions to cut down on risks of disease or health issues, yet they also need large amounts of water. What is the answer for the intensive or standard farmer? Automation.

IDS Pigs makes a wide array of watering, feeding and housing solutions readily available. Designed as bespoke answers to a farmer’s needs, they can ensure optimal management of resources like water and feed, allowing you to really make the most of every minute of work.